Partnering with one of the most prominent payroll companies in US (ADP), Saxum can provide you with various mechanisms to comply with employer regulations and duties.

Money Transfer

Communicating finances with family and friends could be challenging. Saxum could provide a quick and easy money transfer through Vigo in just a few steps!

Notary Public

Verifying documents in an explicit manner is commonly required for different scenarios, Saxum can offer you notary services all year round

Insurance Services

Saxum specializes in diverse areas of insurance with over fifteen years of experience. We work with over twenty-five insurance companies, insuring you get the most competitive prices!

Tax Services

Complying with your personal or business tax requirements could be tedious and complicated, Saxum’s personnel will provide you with the best result due to their knowledge and responsibility.

Auto Registration

A trip to the DMV could be very exhausting and could take up most of your day for one simple transaction. Allow Saxum Insurance & Tax Services to make your life easier with registration services.